Video: A New Breed Part 3 of 5 – Fresh Paint


The creative collective “The Creator Class” recently released the newest video in their New Breed series of videos titled “Fresh Paint”. The video focuses on a few of the artists that painted in Miami this Basel. It includes footage from around the neighborhood as well as a good amount from artists painting at Jose de Diego Middle School as part of the RAW project. There is also a voice-over cameo from WynwoodMap’s very own @robertskran! We were very happy to find a video focusing on the positive going down during Basel and not just on the negative hype that often times surrounds it.

1xRUN Talks About the RAW Project

Jose de Diego Middle School

During Basel this year, our main focus has been the RAW Project at Jose de Diego Middle School. Artists from Miami and around the world were kind enough to throw up some AMAZING pieces all around the school turning it into one of Basel’s stand-out events this year.

We recently spoke with the good people over at 1xRUN about the project and all of the great things happening at the school. Head on by and check out the article along with some great pics of the walls themselves.

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