About WynwoodMap.com

About Wynwoodmap.com

WynwoodMap.com is an ongoing archival project that seeks to centralize and catalogue street art murals and installations in Miami's Wynwood art district and its surrounding areas. With new pieces going up everyday (and old ones coming down) it's tough to keep a centralized record of everything that is and once was. WynwoodMap.com is looking to change that.

Boasting one of the most expansive street art scenes in the world, Wynwood's buildings and the walls that enclose them are living, breathing testaments to the talents of Miami's local artists as well as artists from around the world.

Every year, thousands of people flock to the streets of Wynwood and Miami to take in the ever-changing canvas that has become South Florida. Our hope is that WynwoodMap.com can help to show you around the city and give credit to the artists that have put so much effort into making our streets come to life.

-The Wynwood Map Team


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